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Asus Laptop Fan Repair and Replacement

Why is my Asus Laptop making unusual grinding noises?

If your computer is making strange noises, then it might be an indication that you need your fan repaired or replaced. You might not consider having your fan serviced as a top priority, but if you fail to do so then the components on the motherboard can be severely damaged and lead to other, more costly malfunctions. Your graphic chipset could even be affected.

To avoid such an unnecessary expense, why not contact Creative IT Europe and take advantage of their comprehensive Asus Laptop fan repair or replacement service. Our team of dedicated and experienced technicians can diagnose and resolve any type of fan problem before further damage occurs.

What other ways can I tell that my Asus Laptop needs a fan repair or replacement?

  • Your computer is very warm to touch and is generating an abnormal amount of heat
  • An unusual sound is occurring 
  • The fan seems to be constantly operating at a high speed
  • The machine turns off at random
  • Error messages appear

Asus laptop Fan RepairThese are signs that the cooling system is not functioning correctly and you will need fan repair to resolve the fan problem. In some cases you might even need a full replacement. In either case, we stock a large quantity of spare parts and replacement fans to accommodate the Asus Laptop.
Creative IT Europe offers a competent and rapid Asus Laptop fan repair and replacement service that is certain to resolve every kind of issue you may experience with your fan, including:

  • Hardware failure
  • Electrical failure
  • Mechanical failure
  • Software problems
  • Firmware malfunction
  • Logical errors

Where do Creative IT Europe offer these Asus Laptop fan repair and replacement services?

Fan repair or replacement services are offered by Creative IT Europe in many countries, including the UK, Ireland, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Holland, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Eastern Europe. We also provide a useful bilingual service in French and English.

Regardless of where you are based, there are several different routes for individual clients and businesses to get your fan repaired or replaced as swiftly and conveniently as possible. London is the repair centre for Northern Europe enquiries whereas Aix is the base for Southern Europe enquiries. These two Creative IT Europe repair offices are open from 9am to 6pm, Monday to friday and do provide a walk-in service for customers in the area. Otherwise, for those customers in other places throughout Europe there is the option to organise collection of faulty computers or otherwise have it sent in it to us. We always use fast and dependable postal and courier services (DHL, UPS).

There are ways to avoid fan repair and replacement, such as keeping your Asus Laptop off soft surfaces or frequently cleaning dust and grim from the air vents, but in the case of a problem its best to get it repaired as soon as possible. If you are experiencing problems and think you may require a fan repair or replacement, then contact Creative IT Europe at info@creativeiteurope.com or give us a call on (+33) 4 42 59 22 91 during our office hours.

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